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Newrome Press, Thank You!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Associate Director, Subdeacon Nektarios, Loves Newrome Press! They are known for their high-quality books in their theological significance, prayerful content, accurate translations and stunningly beautiful designs. Subdeacon Nektarios recently reached out to Newrome Press to see if they could help support Orthodox Africa's catechetical mission by donating a few books that we could take to Africa in order to provide a solid theological education for the local clergy and the Orthodox Christian faithful who live there. That same night, Newrome Press, graciously sent us three large boxes of books so that we can help provide proper theological education to the clergy and faithful living in Africa! It is generous donors like Newrome Press that make our mission of growing the Holy Orthodox Church in Africa possible! From all of the management at Orthodox Africa, thank you Newrome Press!



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