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The Church in Action!

Since the arrival of Hieromonk Silouan (Brown) to Uganda he has hit the ground running in his pastoral responsibilities and the building up of the Church in Uganda! Fr. Silouan recently visited the St. John Chrysostom Mission to inspect their progress and developments. He found that the tractor that the organization paid to repair was fully functional and out in the field hard at work. At the mission’s school they sat with the students and talked to children about the Orthodox Church’s teaching on sin and how the Church uses confession and repentance to help them spiritually grow.

They also got to discuss the importance of iconography with the students and how icons are used in the spiritual life. In addition to all these he has been bringing many families into the Holy Orthodox Church and baptizing by immersion and emersion in the traditional Orthodox manner. Glory to God for his work and may the Most Holy Trinity continue to bless his work!

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