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Director of Orthodox Africa Savagely Attacked by Machete

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

In a shocking turn of events, our beloved founder, Fr. Silouan Brown, recently faced a terrifying encounter with violence, as he was attacked by a machete-wielding burgalar in his home at our mission center in Kampala. The attacker just missed his head and the blunt machete hit his shoulder. He is back home and patched up. This disturbing incident serves as a stark reminder that spiritual warfare can manifest itself in unexpected ways. In response to this harrowing event we must renew our dedication to the church and this mission.

Father Silouan, the founder and director of Orthodox Africa charity, has dedicated many years to working with African priests and missions. Despite being acutely aware of the challenges and risks associated with serving in Africa, he embraced the call to serve at the Holy Annunciation Church on Bukasa Island, Uganda. This mission is under the umbrella of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR), which has had a longstanding presence in Africa.

This incident highlights the need for a secure permanent mission center where people can worship, learn, and engage in community activities without compromising their safety. The center serves not only as a spiritual hub but also as a sanctuary, providing a sense of security amid challenges and a stable base for ongoing missionary work and community connections.

Recognizing the importance of self-sustainability and economic empowerment, the envisioned center will incorporate spaces and programs focused on vocational training, skills development, and income generation. By providing opportunities for community members to acquire valuable skills and engage in entrepreneurial activities, we aim to promote self-sufficiency. This holistic approach not only contributes to the financial stability of individuals and families but also strengthens the community's ability to withstand external challenges. The creation of such a center aligns with our commitment to the well-being of both the clergy and the congregation, ensuring a resilient and thriving religious community that is economically self-sustaining for years to come.

Economic stability is not just about enriching individuals; it is about providing the foundation needed for a strong and resilient community. As income generation initiatives thrive, they create a financial underpinning that supports the growth and development of the church. This stability enables the community to actively engage in the sacramental life without the burden of economic uncertainties.

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