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St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Mission and Refuge of Kenya Updates

Much progress has been made to the St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Mission and Refuge. Just last month, the cornerstone of the St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Mission and Refuge's future church was laid, marking the beginning of the mission's endeavor. Farm work began as ground was broken to plan the mission's first corn crop.

Dozens who have been employed to develop the property from the village of Gem visited during the Liturgy. Three children were baptized at St. Panteleimon's Church.

St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Mission is growing with the help of private donors, its sister parish from the US, St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church in Roswell, Georgia, and Orthodox Africa. St. Mary of Egypt Mission has created jobs and hope in the local deanery. Fr. Antipas' intent is that it becomes the spiritual center of Gem and Siaya County, Kenya.

Help from the Orthodox abroad is needed. Orthodoxy is spreading rapidly throughout Eastern Africa, just as it is in new parts of the world. St. Mary of Egypt Mission is holding Liturgy twice a month and streams of villagers have been visiting. The clergy who have given their lives for the faith require much support from abroad.

During Great Lent, consider supporting the clergy of Africa who are extremely brave. Almsgiving helps those giving and those receiving. Being clergy in Africa is risky but extremely necessary and beneficial to all in the community.

Read in more detail of the foundation of the Mission center on OrthoChristian

How you can help!

We are looking towards funds for two phases:

  • Well Development

  • Building materials

One can buy 66 bricks for ONLY $10 US.

Please visit the St. Mary of Egypt Mission and Refuge Facebook account to donate and to see live updates

Additionally, you can also update through Orthodox Africa.

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