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New Mission: St. Mary of Egypt Mission and Refuge Center in Kenya

We are excited to announce a new mission that we will be supporting based out of Kenya and led by Father Antipas , a priest of the Russian Orthodox Exarchate of Africa. Fr. Antipas is now in the process of developing the St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Mission and Refuge of Kenya. Their desire is to remove as many of their students as possible from the harsh and dangerous environment of Nairobi, and establish a parish, school, and refuge in Siaya, a safer area for them to grown and to develop.

The Mission Center is expected to run a school, a children's home, a health center, and an Orthodox Parish. In order to end a culture of dependency in Orthodox parishes and dioceses in Africa in an attempt to alleviate hunger and poverty, the objective of the Mission is to among the few mission centers which seek to adopt a paradigm shift to Orthodox Missions through education and training, and the creation of employment to empower Orthodox communities in Africa through sustainable programs such as agribusiness. The new Mission will therefore grow crops, keep poultry and livestock to produce food to support the school, the orphanage, the poor, and the vulnerable in the community, as well as to generate an income to support the Mission.

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