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Farewell Father Silouan!

Today was a happy and sad moment all at the same time! Our founder and executive director of Orthodox Africa, Father Silouan (Brown) celebrated his last liturgy here at Saint Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church and on April 12th will be leaving permanently to Kampala, Uganda to begin his full-time missionary work there. Father Silouan is now assigned to the Annunciation Orthodox Church on Bukasa Island as the Assistant Priest; serving alongside Father Christopher Walusimbi. Father Silouan will also be busy establishing the new Saint John of Shanghai Mission Center in mainland Kampala which will function as the headquarters for Orthodox Africa, a catechetical school where Father Silouan will be equipped with the Newrome Press books that were recently donated by Father Michale Monos, as well as a trade school to help the local Orthodox population learn new skills that can benefit them within their local economy and help them become self-sustaining Orthodox Missions. We will greatly miss Father Silouan at the parish and we pray that he has a safe journey to his new home, a successful missionary journey and that God grant him many years! We love you Father Silouan and we will see you in Kampala!


Gabrielle, Father Silouan, Subdeacon Nektarios

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