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The Catechism Mission in Western Uganda

Fellow Orthodox Christians! We at Orthodox Africa were wondering if you might be interested in helping finance a special project that we have going on here in Uganda.

We have been contacted by multiple non-canonical Orthodox groups in Western Uganda that would like to be united to the canonical Orthodox Church. We have a team of catechists ready to go out into the field to prepare them for baptism and provide for their spiritual well being.

The logistics involved to do so are not insignificant as these groups are located quite some distance from our mission center. We have already taken a step of faith by committing to work with three such groups and their former priest with the resources we have today. We cannot, however, commit to helping others without the financial support of people like yourselves.

The harvest is white. We are committed to going out into the fields. Will you please pledge your financial support today? With it, we can overcome the many logistical challenges we are facing to bring others into our Holy Orthodox Church and continue to meet their spiritual needs.

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